Make a Meme…

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We all have seen the “this is what my mom thinks I do, this is what my friends think I do..” memes – this is what Jeff and I think we do.. we actually did do.. the part in the … Continued

Mermaids Come Ashore

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For my final trick as Rear Commodore, I introduced my previous trick.. the Arizona Yacht Club Rum and did so with the help of Mermaid Indigo (Pink) and Mermaid Moon (Blue)!

Days 13 and 14

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The good news… the trailer is now registered and titled in AZ with Permanent plates. The bad news.. other than the paint was sprayed horribly and has to be redone.. a hull got knocked over and… has to be redone. … Continued

Day 10, 11 and 12

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The trailer is finished and will go for a “home made’ tags and title tomorrow – today the corssbeams were finished which took all day. Lots of measuring, drilling and stainless steel rivets are a bitch to install! This week … Continued

Day 9 – trailer

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Finally, the trailer is nearly finished. The new rollers arrived and new shafts and ends had to be made for scratch. The rollers are slightly smaller than what was on before but these will center the hulls. New traveler car … Continued

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